Workshop 1:

Medicine & Research

The Masterclass

Students learn from the best. Top physicians and Surgeons, frontline workers, and hospital management experts come on board to share their knowledge and expertise in a fun and interactive session that is bound to inspire and motivate. 

Find out how the doctors and surgeons get trained, and cope with the every day challenges of their profession. Find out how a large multi specialty hospital is built and managed, and how they handle natural disasters and pandemics. 


Turbo Boost your  College Application 

We'll make sure that you not only get a ring side view, but that the knowledge and experience you gain is documented in the form of Certificates of Experience and Letters of Recommendation that you can use for your college applications in the US, UK and Europe, no matter when you need it. 

Graduation Girls


Students get to spend 2-3 days in a real-world hospital setting where they will see first hand how a hospital functions. 

From the doctors in patient care, to the hospital management, they will get a backstage pass to the inner workings. 

You won't want to miss this experience. 


Masterclass: free of cost. 

Date of Masterclass: Last week of March 2021

 Observership charge: Rs 2500. 

Date of Observership: March-June 2021 (scheduled in batches)